Why Host a Pop-Up?

- Pop-Ups help our clients connect with customers in -person.

- Helps us grow our brand while raising awareness.

- Giving Back! Feel good purchases for your employees/customers

- A neurodiversity/autism resource for families, friends, co-workers.

We will set up our shop at your location.

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Past & Present Job Site Partners

We are thankful to the many local businesses that partner with us as job sites so our clients can work on essential skills that prepare them to be successful in any employment setting.


Job Skills

Our program helps young adults become ready to enter the workplace and gain independence and self-esteem that comes from successfully holding down a job.

Social Skills

Our ultimate goal is to prepare our young adults for inclusion in mainstream society so they can flourish and adapt in all kinds of learning environments and social situations.

Independent Living Skills

Inspire ND helps young adults work on their independent living skills in a real home environment. Some activities include: light cooking, meal prep, shopping, chores, proper hygiene habits, laundry and budgeting, etc.

Thriving in the Workplace!

"Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn, grow, discover the workforce and make their mark within this world. It has been a privilege having Inspire ND's young adults intern and now work here alongside our team. They have inspired so many and continue to bring value to our establishment."

- Tin Roof BBQ

"Walgreens is a smaller space, so we feel safe there to push the boundaries with fading proximity (of the therapist from the student). The staff also change up the work tasks they are doing there frequently so our clients aren't just doing the same thing over and over. For example, they clean the floors and light fixtures, check items for expiration dates, face the shelves (make sure products are all lined up neat), restock shelves, change out prices/bar codes, etc...The employees always make themselves available. They are always out on the floor so it makes it easy for our clients to seek them out for help."

-InKids Therapist